Summer Camp 2022

Summer 2022 After Camp Survey

Campers and families, please take a moment to fill out our after camp survey. There are different questions for campers and for parents/guardians. You can fill it out multiple times (one for each family member who wishes to participate). The survey can be accessed at Thank you for being a part of Camp St Nicholas Summer 2022.

No Busses

In response to the COVID outbreak during week 1, we are cancelling all further bus service to and from camp for Week 2 and Week 3.  All those of you who purchased bus transportation have already been refunded those transportation fees.  We understand that this will inconvenience some campers, but it is a necessary step to reduce opportunity for spread and to allow us to establish a COVID free "bubble" at camp.

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Color Wars Colors Announced

This year color wars will be using the following colors:

Please take this into consideration when packing.


Dance Themes Announced!!!!

We are pleased to announce the themes of the dances for each week of camp.  Don't forget to pack something in the theme!

When I grow up…- Dress like the job you want to be when you are older! 

What do you want to be when you’re older? A Firefighter? A Police Officer? A Teacher? Future Girl Boss? We all have a dream job and would love to see you show it off at camp! Plan an outfit with your friends, or go solo we are so excited to see all your creative costumes! This week at camp will be a no Work ALL PLAY! Can’t wait to see everyone dancing the night away on Wednesday!

Disco Daze! - 70/80s disco night

IT’S BOOGIE TIME! Time to take a blast to the past with our Disco Night. We can’t wait to see all your Disco Fever at camp this year! Come in your finest 70/80s fit or even some bright neon colors! We are so excited to see all your funky fits, and cannot wait to see everyone dance the night away at the Disco Daze!!

Cowboys vs Aliens - Are you going with the western side or the extraterrestrial?

Yehawww! We are so excited to see all your western or alien themed outfits, they are going to be Out of This World! We cannot wait to see all your finest flannels, denim, bandannas, or even your shinest metallic printed clothing! This week you get to pick a side, and which one are you on? Are you with the Cowboys? Or are you with the Aliens? We cannot wait to find out at camp!

Parent Camper Handbook

We are pleased to anncounce the publication of our Camp St Nicholas Summer 2022 Parent and Camper Handbook.  This document will provide you all you need to know to prepare for this Summer's camping experience including what to pack, what to do before camp, and how arrival and departure will be run.  Please be sure to review this informaiton before packing for camp.

Summer Camp Registration Goes Live at 10PM Pacific - 3/6/2022

Registration for Camp St Nicholas Summer Camp 2022 opens at 10PM Pacific Sunday, March 6.  Our session dates are as follows:

 If a teen camper wishes to attend both the teen week and one of the other weeks, they may do so but will need to register two times.

The links you need can be found on the Camp St Nicholas Website and for your convenience are copied here as well:

Summer Camp Registration Schedule

I am pleased to announce that registration for our three weeks of Summer Camp will be open at 10PM, Sunday the 6th of March (after everyone is safely home from Forgiveness Vespers a your respective parishes).  Come back to this website at that time for the links to the registration system.  Note that if you attended Winter Camp this year, your family informaiton and login information are saved so registration should be quick and easy.  If you did not participate in Winter Camp this year, you will have to create a family profile in our new registration system online. 

Our session dates are as follows:


Weeks 1 and 3 are open to campers entering the second grade up to campers entering their senior year of high school in the 2022-2023 school year.  Week 2 is specifically designed for teenagers entering the seventh through twelfth grades in the 2022-2023 school year.  If a teen camper wishes to attend both the teen week and one of the other weeks, they may do so but will need to register two times.

Fees for a week of camp this year are $600.  This is a $45 increase from last year’s rates.  The rate increase reflects some increases in our program costs as well as the fact that camp will be one day longer in 2022 than it was in 2021.  As usual, parishes may use their allocation from the Order of St Ignatius to partially offset some camper fees.  We are also working on developing a scholarship fund which can be used to assist camper families in need. There is a form you can access during registration which you can complete if you would like to request additional tuition scholarship support.

Here is the schedule for forms and fees:


When we open camper applications, we will also be opening the application process for Staff, Counselors and CITs.  This year, we will be offering a limited number of Counselor in Training (CIT) positions for the first and third weeks of camp.  These positions are open to those age 17-18.  CITs are paired with experienced counselors and assist in the younger age cabins as an opportunity to learn the role of counselor.  CITs still pay to go to camp, but at a reduced rate of $400.  All counselors, staff and CITs must apply by the application deadline of April 15, 2022.


The theme for Camp St Nicholas Summer Camp this year comes from the book of Matthew:  “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14).  Our Christian Education Morning Program will be based on this theme.  As you know, we typically design a logo every year based upon the theme and use that logo on the t-shirts we produce for all the campers and staff.  This year I am asking campers (or staff) who are gifted in the visual arts to submit their original works for consideration.  We will select our logo from those designs that are submitted and will credit the artist on the t-shirt.  If you would like to submit your camera-ready designes in electronic form (PDF would be preferable), please send them to our Administrative Director mailbox (  The deadline to submit designs is April 15, 2022.


We are also recruiting session priests to be with us and participate in the programs and services during that session.  I believe we have two priests already expressing interest in being with us for Week 1.  As we have the Diocese Clergy on this mailing list, if you would like to work as a session priest for Week 2 or Week 3, please let me know as soon as possible.  

We look forward to a Summer full of worship, witness, fellowship, service and fun and our first year back with all ages at camp since 2019.  Please pray for this ministry as we pray also for you.

In Christ,
Fr Andrew
Program Director, Camp St Nicholas
Assistant Pastor, St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral