April 2, 2020

Updated COVID19 Directive From Metropolitan JOSEPH

Beloved Faithful in Christ,

Greetings to all of you in the Name of Our Great God and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Today, I met with my brother hierarchs of this God-protected Archdiocese – Bishops Basil, Thomas, Alexander, John, Anthony, and Nicholas – as well as the Vicar General, Fr. Thomas Zain, by video conference. Each bishop reported on the spread of the coronavirus in their respective dioceses, and we discussed the most up-to-date information we have from our public health and legal experts. The meeting was held with prayerfulness and brotherly conciliarity as well as great love and concern for our holy flock. We know that we are responsible before Almighty God for each and every one of you, and this awesome responsibility is one that none of us takes lightly.

After much prayer and deliberation, we made some heart-rending decisions that we believe are in the best interests of our flock – despite the pain we have in relaying them. Effective immediately...


March 31, 2020


Dear beloved campers, parents and staff,

Christ is in our midst!

We hope and pray that you all are safe and healthy at this time. You have been in our thoughts and prayers.

We wanted to let you know that, at this point, we are planning for camp to happen as planned this summer. From day to day, many things are uncertain so we will see how the next few months go and adjust our plans as needed.

One immediate adjustment we are making: WE ARE EXTENDING THE EARLY BIRD DEADLINE FOR CAMP TUITION TO MAY 1st.

We will continue to update you and stay in touch as we navigate this pandemic and its affects together. It is beautiful how many youth workers and camp directors have come together to provide care, support, and resources for all our youth and their families. I will share the links to various online lessons, bible studies, webinars, etc, as they become available.If you haven’t yet, like our instagram page: campst.nicholas. We will be staying in contact very regularly in the hopes of providing support and encouragement.

Please be assured that this ministry will continue to thrive and we will always seek to serve the needs of our community. May God be with all of us.

With love in Christ,

Katrina Bitar
Camp Director

March 24, 2020


Hi friends! We hope you and your loved ones are well today. We want to share with you that there will be unlimited amounts of grace when it comes to the counselor application process. Our deadline will remain March 30, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you are having trouble submitting any part of the application:

We are also considering ways to make the interview process as peaceful and encouraging as we can. I hope that the application process can be an opportunity to put newfound time and energy into something fruitful, and I pray that putting your desire to serve into words is a powerful endeavor at this time.

It is too early to determine what July will bring at this point, so we will do what we need to do today to prepare for tomorrow.

With love in Christ,

Katrina Bitar
Camp Director