Arrival & Departure Process

Arrival Day

Drop off time: Sunday between 1-4pm

Check-out Day

Pick Up time: Friday between 9-11am

Drivers will meet campers at the front of the Mess Hall. When drivers arrive, a staff member will approach their vehicle with a check out list. Thank you for wearing a mask. Counselors will make sure the camper’s luggage is loaded into the vehicle. Again, Chapel restrooms will be available.

Guidance on Carpooling

The more campers are able to arrive to camp with members of their immediate households, the more we can reduce the risk of bringing a communicable disease to Camp. If a member of one household is sick and rides with members of other households, then those other campers will be exposed during the drive, which will eventually force us to isolate more herds during camp.  However, we also realize this is not realistic for many families due to your commitment of driving hours to come to camp – and we greatly appreciate this commitment shown by so many!

We simply ask that you arrive by transportation with people in your “circle”. We ask if you are mixing households, that you do so with people who are part of your usual circle and take extra precautions (such as wearing masks, sanitizing, and not sharing food and drink with each other) to minimize risk.

We just ask that you do as much as possible to minimize risk. If you are going to carpool, please please please take extra precautions and ensure everyone is feeling well and quarantining those 7 days before arrival to camp!