The Camp

Patron Saint of Our Camp

The Holy Hierarch and Wonderworker NICHOLAS
Archbishop of Myra in Lycia

Saint Nicholas was born in Patara of Lycia about the middle of the third century, of devout and wealthy parents who provided him with a Christian upbringing and education. He was orphaned at an early age. Later he was ordained a priest, and when the bishop of his district died, he was made Bishop of Myra of Lycia.

Saint Nicholas is distinguished for his great faith, for his struggle in the name of Orthodoxy and especially for his charity. His faith was so great, that with his prayer he calmed a stormy sea while on a trip to the Holy Lands. For this reason sailors pay homage to him as their protector.

He fought for the predominance of Orthodoxy and took part in the First Ecumenical Synod of Nicea. Especially well known is his charity and his love for children. He used his great wealth to relieve all who were in need: poor families, widows, and especially orphans and poor children. For this same purpose he founded, as Bishop, a poorhouse, hostelries, and a hospital.

He was the personification of Christian love and affection. As such he is honored by all the Christian world, both the Eastern and the Western.

For all of us Saint Nicholas is a "Canon of faith and an image of goodness and kindness."

Driving Directions

1. From Interstate 5, take the Frazier Park exit into Frazier Park.

2. If you were going South on I-5, you will want to turn Right off the exit. If you were going North on I-5, you will want to turn Left. (You will see a couple gas stations off of the exit on the west side of the interstate.)

3. Keep going straight for just a hair over 12 miles. (The road will become Cuddy Valley Road and it will be a two-lane road more often than not - one going each way. Just follow the curves.)

4. You will come up to a split in the road (often referred to as "The Y"). You want to slow down and turn right at the split onto Mil Portero Highway.

5. As you make that right, turn your LEFT blinker on. Just about 75-100 ft after you hit the split, you want to turn left onto the dirt road. (There is a sign at the entrance pointing you to several camps.)

6. Follow the dirt road up. There will be a sign for "St. Nicholas Camp," where you will turn left off of the main dirt road.